My Tepper Interview

My Tepper Interview

I better write this down quick before I forget…

So I literally just had my interview with Jackie Jones at Tepper via Skype.

It was relaxed and very conversational…much better than my Rotman interview when I was sweating like a hyena.

Before I get into details, let me start from the top:

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You Can’t Cheat The GMAT

You Can’t Cheat The GMAT

Well done, W, well done! You’ve managed to cross the 700 mark on the GMAT but with lower quant scores and a freakishly low Integrated Reasoning score. Bravo!

Was it worth it?

Was the $250 worth 20 measly points on the GMAT minus 1 point on quant and 5 points on IR? I’m not quite sure.

Right now, I don’t even know if I should use the new score or the old one.

But one thing is clear, the GMAT IS an accurate assessment of your analytical skills under stress. Most people taking the GMAT and aspiring to go to top business schools fall into the above average intelligence group. However, many of us don’t get scores high enough to reach the average GMAT score at Stanford or Harvard . I dare say its caused by the unnecessary amount of stress during the grueling 4-hour long exam.

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Now That I Have One In The Bag…

Got admitted to Rotman and I’ve asked for an extension so I can get a decision from Tepper.

My Tepper interview is on February 29 and decision date is March 23.

I got an email from GMAC in early February asking me to try out a new GMAT format. I took the offer and paid for another GMAT exam that’s two days before my interview hoping I can wave a higher 730+ score at Tepper and get an admit plus some scholarship money.

Here comes the big question…

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My Profile

Goals: Tech Product Management, Entrepreneurship

Age 22, 23 at matriculation

West African Female

BS in Computer Science from so-so West African university

4 years experience at matriculation (graduated at 18) – Tech product management, media, non-profit, failed start-up founder

Extracurricular: Non-profit exp as leverage, team leader at big 10k+ attendee media events

GPA 3.29/5

GMAT 690 (Q47 V38 IR8 AWA 5.5)

TOEFL 120/120


Rotman Round 2

Admitted + $

Tepper Round 2

Invited to Interview

The Story So Far

I started considering business school after I joined a new company almost a year ago. I was brimming with joy over landing my dream job only to find out 3 months down the line that working for a tech start-up wasn’t all bed and roses.

No one had been promoted in the history of the company and a raise was nowhere in sight, projects were dumped after a few weeks, and frankly there wasn’t much innovation to be done.

I have plans of becoming a C-Suite technology executive and that job wasn’t going to take me there, not fast enough, and especially not with a salary that wasn’t enough to buy new clothes after paying rent in the capital!

I needed to change my situation, to advance my career, to just get out of a stagnant, brain-numbing job.

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And So It Begins

As is customary in the b-school ambitions space, I’ve started a blog to document my journey to b-school and beyond to help those in the same shoes as me.

I was reluctant to share my story online for fear that if I don’t get admitted to any school, I would have the whole internet to answer to.

But to hell with it!

I just got admitted to my safety school very early on (which is weird) so yeah, I won’t be hiding my face in shame.

Let’s see how this plays out.