Final decisions are in:

Berkeley: Denied with interview

Tepper: Waitlisted with interview

Rotman: Admitted with scholarship (withdrawn)

Random French School: Admitted to MSc in Management with scholarship (matriculating…maybe)

It’s been eight months since I started my MBA admissions journey and I’ve learnt so much thus far. I am glad I tried for schools beyond my reach and know now that they are actually within my reach.

I could choose to apply again in Round 1 and do this all over again from a position of insight but really, I would be setting myself up for failure a second time because I am still the same person, no new job, no new position, no new experiences, no new achievements, no new GPA. Even if I could get in this time, I wouldn’t want to be a pity admit or borderline diversity shoo-in. I want a seat in a class with amazing people who I can look at as equals…plus I’m not willing to take the risk and lose another year.

I want to take some time to develop myself, start another company or lead a division of a multi-national, get an advanced degree, start a humanitarian project, invest in my hobbies and see a different part of the world before I begin my MBA at a top 10 school.

At that point, I may not need an MBA anymore but I would’ve achieved more than I had set out for myself which is really the end-game, not a three-letter acronym.

Even though I did not get into a top 20 MBA program this year, this application process has been very transformational. It has helped me clarify my goals and identify a completely new path, one that is closer to my true nature and destiny (This is just too weird, even for me).

I’m still pretty young so I may be back here in 4 years applying again and by that time, every single one of you would be doing great things hopefully.

Don’t get me wrong, it hurts that I didn’t get into Haas. I wish I had gotten in and Berkeley had made me awesome right off the bat but I didn’t. Plan A didn’t work out so now I have to focus on nailing the heck out of Plan B.


So onwards to international self development. No MBA at least for now. We’ll see how the next three months turns out.






3 thoughts on “Final Decisions – New Direction

  1. I’ve checked in on your admissions journey a bit on GMAT Club. Although it’s unfortunate to learn that admit decisions may not have gone the way you wanted to this year (barring some good news from Tepper), it has helped open the door to what is hopefully a very fulfilling self development journey for you!

    You mention specifically “international self development” — are you planning to do some travel, or is that in regards to the French program you mentioned?


  2. I just finished my MBA a few weeks ago. It was 2 of the best years of my life. It is expensive but worth it. Two ways to increase your odds of admission next year even without getting a new job would be to retake GMAT and/or hire an admissions consultant. I know an admissions consultant and I think he has about a 90 acceptance rate for his clients. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment on my website:

    Good luck!


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