I sank into a sea of depression after I discovered I was waitlisted at Tepper. I had turned down my Rotman offer and only had the waitlist offer to hold on to.

I panicked.

I wasn’t going to let my future depend on one yes or no decision so I applied to every decent program that was still open for applications.

Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, …I sent in apps for masters programs in 6 different schools.

What a rollercoaster!

After checking the status of my Haas application obsessively everyday after it went under review, I got an interview invite the day after the deposit deadline for Round 2 and I’m like…


God bless that sweet African girl who probably got admitted to Stanford and didn’t put a deposit down at Haas.

I got the invite a week to Round 3 decisions which is quite late. It’s scheduled just 3 days to the Round 3 decision date so I hope it goes well. If it doesn’t, well I’ve already gone through my stages of grief and accepted the possibility that I may not be doing my MBA this year.

I did get admitted to a business school in Belgium that organises treks to Silicon Valley for their masters degree students, so that’s something.

The invite from Berkeley does make me wonder if I could have gotten an invite at Harvard or Stanford GSB if I had applied. I guess we’ll never know.



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