Work-MBA Balance?

It’s happening. The thing they tell you might happen but you shrug off.

I’m being edged out at work!

I’ve been on this MBA admissions brouhaha since last year and my boss knows, my boss’s boss knows and so does HR. Why wouldn’t they? I used them all as references.

We’re a such a small company that if somebody goes on leave, some work has to pause until that person comes back. Now, employee 1 of 20 is planning on leaving. They’ve had on their minds that they would have to find a replacement for me soon but gosh, not this soon.

I have a Q1 report due today and while working on it, I realised that I’m leading one of the most insignificant products at the company. What we (I) achieved in Q1 is incredibly small even after all the effort we (I) have put into it. It’s a dead-end product if you ask me, but hey I won’t say it out loud.

Nobody else has been hired to join my team which is giving me the vibe that the company also knows the product’s final destination but since I’m ‘leaving’ already, there’s no point putting me on anything with promise. My promotion only came with a pay raise but no new responsibilities.

A contract staff has also been promoted to a role that is waaaay too close to what I do now. Potential replacement? You betcha! And that person gets all the good projects 😦


As I sit here, typing this, I’m listening in on a conversation that I should be having but I’m not! That newly promoted contract staff is discussing the log-in screen of a new app that I know absolutely nothing about.

Does this mean I have to find a new job if I don’t get in this year?

That would suck.


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