How I Got Waitlisted at Tepper

So this is what it feels like to be waitlisted. I feel like the geek at school who asked Anna to go to the prom with him but she’s gonna ask Jimmy to go with her instead cuz he’s more awesome. If Jimmy says no, then she just might give me a chance but I have to wait till May 16 to find out.

Why won’t you love me back, Tepper?




I have a few clues:

  • Less than stellar GPA (Can’t fault them for this one…there’s an E in there somewhere)
  • Didn’t give my recommender a hint at what to focus on (quant skills e.t.c.)
  • Didn’t drive home my leadership skills (Resume and interview were light on the extent of my leadership achievements)
  • Focused too much on fit and not enough on looking good on paper (Didn’t brag quite enough)


I guess with all this, I should even be glad I got an interview.

I have a plan to address it all:

  1. That new GMAT score that’s 20 points higher
  2. Coursera Finance course for what it’s worth
  3. Updated resume highlighting impressive key achievements and recent promotion (stayed at my job after a salary bump)
  4. An email to my interviewer and the Executive Director of Admissions doing a bit more self-selling
  5. No new recommendations. Can’t go back to my boss with my tail between my legs
  6. Slightly polished career goals, maybe.

I have to do those things before April 15 but once I’m done, it’s back to waiting all over again.

Honestly, I’m not too optimistic. I’ve lost most of my tempo and have already begun to make new plans…

No more HBS or GSB…if Tepper could put me on the waitlist then I’d be the first to get dinged at either one of those schools. I did put in an application at Haas though, making sure to not make the same mistakes I did in my Tepper application. We’ll see if they can overlook that E, but then again I am not too optimistic. I would totally understand if I got dinged.


2 thoughts on “How I Got Waitlisted at Tepper

  1. Nothing to do with the E… Got into Yale and have an F in a course in my undergrad transcript… Probably the GMAT score and maybe your goals weren’t crisp…

    Goodluck though and hope you get the call.

    PS: This means Rotman is off the table I guess?


    1. Thanks. I’ll review my goals and see how I can improve them without diverging too far from what I wrote when I applied.

      Yes, Rotman is off the table. I declined my offer last week. So sad to let go of one bird in the hopes of getting a better bird


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