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I’ve been in a spin for the past few days trying to decide whether to apply to 2 or 3 schools in round 3 and which schools to apply to.

Here’s how it’s been going:

I love tech! Stanford all the way
But I need a safety…add Berkeley
What if there’s already a Me at Stanford and I lose out on a top 5 school. Add HBS!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Me at HBS? Come back down to Earth and make that MIT Sloan.
But my grades aren’t fantastic and Sloan doesn’t want to hear my sob story.
Just Stanford and Berkeley then…
But…but…I need to broaden my chances…

Kill me now.

Just as my head was about to explode with all the analysis paralysis, I got an email with a job offer at a company I interviewed at a year ago…a new position just opened up and it’s twice my current salary.


This was completely unexpected but it’s a pleasant addition to the pool of decisions.

The main reason why I wanted an MBA so bad this year was because my job wasn’t that great and my pay sucked…now not so much.

This job offer gives me the freedom to stop, and apply for entry next year, giving me access to a better range of schools (top 10 only), and more opportunities – scholarships, dual degrees, you name it.

Reasons To Leave Next Year

  • An extra year of product management experience that I can leverage in my job search after my MBA
  • Access to top schools like HBS, Stanford, MIT in Round 1 with an improved GMAT score
  • Access to scholarships, housing lottery, MIT LGO, Stanford MBA/MS Computer Science, Kellogg MMM
  • A little more financial freedom when I begin the MBA program

Reasons To Leave This Year

  • Wouldn’t have to face my country’s issues for another year e.g. fuel scarcity, extreme inflation caused by low oil prices, little to no electricity, no electricity no running water, the heat, the nosy old man in my building)
  • Get my career started as soon as possible and stop wasting away here. My 40 months of experience is enough
  • This new job could suck too and the economy could get worse leaving me to regret my decision to wait

High risk of waiting and regretting, high reward if I get into a top school next year.

Mais Attendez!

What if I could have both? Leave this year and still go to a top school. It’s genius but the odds of that are slim this late in the game.

The only school worth taking my chances with and forfeiting next year’s opportunities for is Stanford. If I don’t get in, I’ll live out my days studying for the GMAT and applying again to M7 schools in R1. If I get in, fantastic.

So Stanford it is!

The job offer has helped me narrow down my options but should I be taking the job knowing that I could get lucky and leave in a few months?

Don’t know but I need tha money


If my current boss offers me a decent counter, I just might stay.